Hair Extensions Clip in Straight Curly Wavy Set Thick Hairpiece

I love this clip in hair it nearly matches the red/brown of my own. It never slips out and so far the slight curl has stayed as well. I wore it to a family wedding and some people I had not seen for a while thought it was my own length! I have both sets in the brown and slightly brown/red mix and I love them both. It does take a bit longer to place the larger set so leave plenty of time to style. It’s good to keep track of where you placed them for easier removal when done. I would say don’t sleep in them because the clips can dig into your scalp.

So, so far I’ve been putting it on at home just playing around with it for hair styles for the wedding day. It is gorgeous. I did have to dye my hair darker to match the dark brown (I previously had light brown hair with caramel highlights which was hard to match). The hair is definitely thick and the clip areas are great quality.

Great fit, perfect color and the curls stay bouncy and luscious through EVERYTHING!